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Korean diabetes pregnancy study group 8 Nov. 14:00~16:00 / Emerald Hall, 3F
Chair: Jong Chul Shin
English Korean
Hyuk-Sang Kwon
The Catholic University of Korea, Korea

How to assess glycemic control in GDM during pregnancy?
Joon-Seok Hong
Seoul National University, Korea

Is early screening of diabetes necessary in Korean women
Seong-Min Han
Miz Medi Hospital, Korea

The current status of using oral antidiabetic agent in GDM
Hak Chul Jang
Seoul National University, Korea

Gestational diabetes mellitus in Korea: now and future

Diabetic vascular cell biology research meeting 8 Nov. 14:00~16:00 / Convention Hall A, 4F
Chair: Joong-Yeol Park
English Korean
Akiyoshi Uemura
Kobe University, Japan

Mouse retinal angiogenesis as a model system of diabetic retinopathy
Chul-Ho Lee
KRIBB, Korea

Activation of NAD(P)H:quinone oxidoreductase-1 improves blood pressure via enhancement of eNOS coupling following by increase of aortic GTP cyclohydrolase-1
In-Kyung Jeong
Kyung Hee University, Korea

The new perspectives on diabetic vascular complications: the balance between endogenous protective factors and harmful factors induced by hyperglycemia
Jaetaek Kim
Chung Ang University, Korea

Akt isoforms in the cardiovascular system

New strategy for beta-cell replacement therapy 8 Nov. 14:00~16:00 / Convention Hall B, 4F
Chair: Kwang-Won Kim
English Korean
Young Ro Byun
Seoul National University, Korea

Molecular shielding of pancreatic Islets for xenotransplantation
Sung-Hee Ihm
Hallym University, Korea

Islet cytoprotection for islet transplantation
Hae kwon Kim
Seoul Women's University, Korea

Cell therapeutics for the insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
Ssang Goo Cho
konkuk University, Korea

Differentiation and transplantation of functional pancreatic beta cells generated from induced pluripotent stem cells derived from a type 1 diabetes mouse model

Korean Diabetes Association interest group on genetics 8 Nov. 14:00~16:00 / Convention Hall C, 4F
Chair: Sung Hoon Kim
English Korean
Jong Hwa Bhak
Genome Research Foundation, Korea

Genome analysis using NGS (next generation sequencers)
Min Jin Go
Korean National Institute of Health, KCDC, Korea

East Asian GWA meta analysis for metabolic traits
Sang Won Lee
Korea University, Korea

Master AMT database approach for label-free quantitation (MAD4QUAN): application to uncover biomarkers for T2DM
Ji Wan Park
Hallym University, Korea

Intermediate trait loci that predict the risk of type 2 diabetes

Current findings about metabolic syndrome and related disorders 8 Nov. 14:00~16:00 / Diamond Hall, 3F
Chair: Moon-Kyu Lee
English Korean
Sang Yong Kim
Chosun University, Korea

Aberrant platelet activation in metabolic syndrome
Hyun-Seuk Moon
Harvard University, USA

Role of adiponectin in colon cancer development
Eun Jung Rhee
Sungkyunkwan University, Korea

Comparison of metabolic disease development according to metabolic health and obesity
Soo Lim
Seoul National University, Korea

Changes in metabolic syndrome in American and Korean youth, 1997-2008